Current team members

Diana Boesel, BTA

Research Assistant

Doga Bingöl,

Ph.D. Student

Roodline Cineus, M.Sc.

Ph.D. Student 

Konstantin Fritz

M.D. Student 

Veronika Horn, M.D.

Medical Postdoctoral fellow (part-time)

Yanjiang Luo, M.D. Doctoral student  

Camila Cancino
Ph.D. Student

Aya Abdel Rahman
M.D. Student 

Diana Bösel is from Germany. She studied to become a research assistant at “Berufsbildende Schulen” in Weißenfels. In previous postions she has focused on a range of different topics including neurology, anatomy, cardiology and infectious diseases. Diana joined this group in May 2018 as a lab manager and plays an active part in all research projects.

Doga Bingöl is from Turkey. She graduated from the biology department of Middle East Technical University (METU) and then earned her master's degree in biotechnology at the same university. Doga joined the Hegazy lab in October 2020. In her doctoral thesis, she is focusing on host-microbiota interaction and working on aspects of Oncostatin M and its regulation by the microbiota. Doga is funded by the Study Abroad Program of the Turkish Ministry of National Education. 

Roodline Cineus is from the United States of America. She holds a Bachelor degree in Biology and a Master degree in Molecular Medicine. Roodline joined the Hegazy lab in June 2018 and is investigating the role of Oncostatin M in inflammatory bowel disease pathogenesis.

Konstantin Fritz is a german medical student.  He studies medicine at Charité-University Medicine-Berlin and is currently in his 9th semester.  He joined the group in October 2020 and will focus on the recruitment and characterisation of distinct IBD patients receiving various biologics. 

Veronika Horn is a german physician scientist. Veronika studied medicine in Freiburg, Lyon, Ankara, Havana and London. Her current research aims to decipher the phenotype and distribution of circulating immune cells in IBD. Veronika spent a year in the lab from 09/18 till 09/19 supported by a Gerok research rotation position funded by the DFG SFB-TRR241. Veronika is currently back in the clinics continuing her internal medicine training. 

Aya Abdel Rahman is from Egypt. She studies medicine at Charité-University Medicine-Berlin and is currently in her 6th semester. Aya joined the Hegazy Lab in August 2020. In her doctoral thesis she is analysing the clinical role of Oncostatin M in the therapy of inflammatory bowel disease. 

Yanjiang Luo is from China. He studied medicine at the JiangNan University and Southeast University in China and graduated in July 2020. Yanjiang joined the Hegazy Lab in December 2020 to perform his doctoral studies at the Charité-University Medicine Berlin. In his doctoral thesis Yanjiang is analysing the role of Oncostatin M in bacterial and viral infections. 

Camila Cancino is from Chile. Camila did her bachelor's degree in Biochemistry at the University of Santiago. Camila worked as a research assistant and flow cytometry manager at Merken Biotech SPA, Chile, before relocating to Germany and starting her Ph.D. in May 2021. In her Ph.D. thesis, she is studying the impact of intestinal microbiota on CD4 T cell repertoire and how intestinal dysbiosis influences the memory CD4 T cell compartment.